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Building Your Plastic Injection Maintenance Approach

Establishing a successful plastic injection production system requires effective machine maintenance to maintain the plastics machinery producing parts. Downtime caused by unplanned maintenance can cause huge scheduling, production and logistical problems adding to the cost to produce parts and taking away from an already slim profit margin. This article will outline some of the failure modes companies slip into, as well as define some basic requirements needed to establish an effective Preventative Maintenance System. …..


Secrets of Fast Part-to-part changes

For many facilities, achieving quick part to part times is a struggle. After all, part to part is an absolute necessity if you intend to satisfy your customers and still maintain a solid profit margin. But what are the reasons so many companies fail to shut down a press, do a mold change and put good parts on the belt quickly? This article will provide information on how to convert from sluggish to successful in terms of job change events.

Plastic Injection Training

Plastic Injection Training

Scientific Molding Workshop

Looking for processor/ set up technician training? Interested in training your Supervisors, tooling or maintenance personnel how the plastic injection process works? Garrett MacKenzie of Plastic411 can develop a training program specific to your needs. AT THE PRESS.. IN YOUR PLANT, the training is specific to your plant which assures it fits your needs!

Plastic Injection Training

Plastic Injection Press Service Technicians

Plastic411 now offers the services of some of the best field service techs in the U.S. All press brands are welcomed, and no job is too big or too small, We are fully insured, with 1M dollar Liability insurance.

Plastic Injection Products

Skill Set Gap Analysis Tool for Plastic Injection

Exclusive to Plastic411.. skill set gap analysis geared for plastic injection! This tool separates the technical job requirements of your employees into 7 skill set categories.

Those categories are then divided into 20-30 individual skills needed by employees(140 skills in all).

By understanding the true strengths/ weaknesses of your technical support teams, team training becomes easy! The video below explains how the tool works.