Plastic411 Set Up Training

Plastic Injection Mold Set Up

Garrett MacKenzie: On-Site Trainer
This class is designed for new to intermediate plastic injection Set Up teams that will be regularly setting up presses and making adjustments on the production floor. It is also a great venue for managers/supervisors that are new to molding and need a better understanding of how the molding process works to better perform their oversight of employees. Unlike many other training programs, this training takes place on your production floor using YOUR presses, materials, equipment and processes. This helps to assure that training is plant specific, which increases the impact of the skill sets taught within your organization.

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“Garrett was very knowledgeable, and helpful with questions…”

John A. , CH3 Solutions

“I would love to have you come back to do more training!”

“The hands-on portions were great! The pre-stage training is helpful in set ups”

Kristen R., MMI Engineered Solutions

Samuel S, CH3 Solutions

“Instructor was very thorough in the delivery of his training. I would very much recommend!”

Micheal H., CH3 Solutions

“Instructor was very knowledgeable, and the hands-on training was very helpful”

Darryl B., MMI Engineered Solutions

“Class was timed well, and the processor training was a success! Instructor was thorough and ‘easily understood’. “

Timothy M., North Georgia Molding

“Great on-the-floor training! Much more beneficial than ‘class room’ training… I would highly recommend.”

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Chris S., MMI Engineered Solutions

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  The outline and timeline for this training is as follows:

DAY ONE                                                               MEET & GREET

Description   Length   FROM TO
Introductions (Conference Room)   :10   8:00 8:10
Class Outline (Conference Room)   :05   8:10 8:15
Skill Set Questionnaire (Conference Room)   :15   8:15 8:30

                    DAY ONE                                                           Forklift Hoist Training

Description   Length (Minutes)   FROM TO
Forklift Load rating (Floor)   :10   8:30 8:40
Fork/ Tilt Safety (Floor)   :10   8:40 8:50
Rack Safety (Floor)   :10   8:50 9:00
Hoist: Chain Inspection (Floor)   :05   9:00 9:05
Hoist: Hook Inspection (Floor)   :05   9:05 9:10
Hoist: Load Rating (Floor)   :05   9:10 9:15

                    DAY ONE                                                          Controller Training

Description   Length   FROM TO
Open Break (At the press)   :10   9:15 9:25
Open Fast (At the press)   :10   9:25 9:35
Open Slow (At the press)   :05   9:35 9:40
Speed vs. Pressure (At the press)   :05   9:40 9:45
Close Fast (At the press)   :05   9:45 9:50
Close Slow (At the press)   :10   9:50 10:00
Low Pressure Close   :15   10:00 10:15
1st BREAK   :15   10:15 10:30
Ejector Speeds/ Pressure (At the press)   :10   10:30 10:40
Ejector Positions (At the press)   :10   10:40 10:50
Speed vs. Pressure (At the press)   :05   10:50 10:55
Pulsating/ Forward Hold (At the press)   :05   10:55 11:00

DAY ONE                                                              Material Training

Description   Length   FROM TO
Purge procedure (at the press)   :30   11:00 11:30
Back Pressure (at the press)   :10   11:30 11:40
Screw Design/ Function (at the press)   :20   11:40 12:00
LUNCH   1:00   12:00 1:00
Purging: From/ To (at the press)    :30   1:00 1:30
Poly Pro to ABS (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
ABS to Poly Pro (at the press)   –    1:00 1:30
Poly Pro to PolyCarb (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
PolyCarb to Nylon (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
DAY ONE                                                     Material Training, Continued
Nylon to PolyPro (at the press)   –    1:00 1:30
PolyPro to Nylon (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
PolyPro to PCABS (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
PCABS to Poly Pro (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
Light to Dark (at the press)   –    1:00 1:30
Dark to Light (at the press)    –   1:00 1:30
Dryer: Set Up and Troubleshooting (at the dryer)   :30    1:30 2:00

DAY ONE                                            Preparing for the mold change

Description   Length   FROM TO
Knockouts (at the press)   :05   2:00 2:05
Hoses (at the press)   :05   2:05 2:10
Nozzle Tip (at the press)   :05   2:10 2:15
Hot Runner (at the press)   :05   2:15 2:20
Valve Gate (at the press)   :05   2:20 2:25
EOAT (at the press)   :05   2:25 2:30
Other Auxiliary (at the press)   :05   2:30 2:35
Purge Plan (at the press)   :05   2:35 2:40
Water Plan (at the press)   :05   2:40 2:45
Mold (at the press)   :05   2:45 2:50
Mold Placement (at the press)   :10   2:50 3:00

 DAY ONE                                                           Set Up Basics

Description   Length   FROM TO
BREAK   :10   3:00 3:10
Eyebolt Selection/ Install (at the press)   :05   3:10 3:15
Rockwell Hardness: Platen vs. bolt (class- online)_   :05   3:15 3:20
Tightening and torqueing (class- online content)   :05   3:20 3:25
Platen Inspection & Care (at the press)   :05   3:25 3:30
Sprue Bushing: Inspection & Care (mold area)   :05   3:30 3:35
Retainer Ring: Inspection (mold area)   :05   3:35 3:40
Flipping a mold (mold area)   :20   3:40 4:00
Bolts: Inspection & Care (mold area)   :10   4:00 4:10
Safety Straps (mold area)   :05   4:10 4:15
Mold Faces: Inspection/ Care (stoning- Mold area)   :15   4:15 4:30

DAY TWO                                                                          Day ONE  Review

Description   Length   FROM TO
Hoist (Conference Room)   :05   8:00 8:05
Controller (Conference Room)   :10   8:05 8:15
Material (Conference Room)   :10   8:15 8:25
Purging (Conference Room)   :10   8:25 8:35
Dryer (Conference Room)   :05   8:35 8:40
Set Up Basics (Conference Room)   10   8:40 8:50
Q & A (Conference Room)   10   8:50 9:00

DAY TWO                                                                                 Set Up Basics

Description   Length   FROM TO
Clamp Selection/ Installation (at the press)   :10   9:00 9:10
1/3 Clamp Rule (at the press   :10   9:10 9:20
Flipping a mold (mold area- practice)   :20   9:20 9:40
Hose & fitting inspection/ installation (Press)   ;20   9:40 10:00
1st BREAK   :15   10:00 10:15

DAY TWO                                                                          Mold Change Steps

Description   Length   FROM TO
Purge/ Temps/ Nozzle Tip (press)   10   10:15 10:25
Clean/ Treat mold (press)   5   10:25 10:30
Mold under High Pressure (Press side)         10:30
Knockouts- tied in (Press side)   5   10:30 10:35
knockouts- untied (Press side)   5   10:35 10:40
Procedure: Water removal (Press side)   10   10:40 10:50
Attaching hoist (Press side)   5   10:50 10:55
Removing Clamps (Press side)   10   10:55 11:05
Pulling Mold (Press side)   5   11:05 11:10
knockout plan (Press side)   5   11:10 11:15
2 vs. 4 knockouts (Press side)   5   11:15 11:20
Installing mold (Press side)   10   11:20 11:30
Installing clamps (Press side)   5   11:30 11:35
Water Hook Up (Press side)   10   11:35 11:45
Hot Runner Hook Up/ set up (Press side)   10   11:45 11:55
Valve Gate Set Up (Press side)   10   11:55 12:05
LUNCH   55   12:05 1:00
Clamp Set Up (Press side)   10   1:00 1:10
Controller Set Up (Press side)   15   1:10 1:20
EOAT Inspection/ Care/ Install   10   1:20 1:30

DAY TWO                                                            Mold Change Time Study

Description   Length   FROM TO
Mold Change Time Study   1:30   1:30 2:45
Attendees are given the task to do a mold change. Time allotted is 1:15 minutes. Each mold change task is timed and recorded by another attendee. As the mold change is performed, I will record waste-of-motion, transportation and missing components requiring search and/ or retrieval to identify what can be done to reduce the mold change time.

DAY TWO                                                                            Mold Change Time Study

Description   Length   FROM TO
Time Study: Review   :15   2:45 3:00
Students will discuss ways to improve mold change times. This time is devoted to moving towards faster, more complete mold changes.

DAY TWO                    Using NASCAR Principles to improve mold change times

Description   Length   FROM TO
Last Break   :15   3:00 3:15
Planned vs. Unplanned (Press side)   :05   3:15 3:20
Using right tools (Press side)   :05   3:20 3:25
Tool Box 5S (Tool Box- Inspection)   :15   3:25 3:40
Waste of Motion (Press side)   :15   3:40 3:55
Strengthen weaknesses (Press side)   :05   3:55 4:00
Remove Clutter (Tool Box Inspection)   :05   4:00 4:05
Repeat Repeat Repeat (Press Side)   :05   4:05 4:10
Do it right 1st time (Press side)   :05   4:10 4:15
Remove Broken/ Damaged(Press side)   :05   4:15 4:20
Service molds (Press side)   :10   4:20 4:30

DAY TWO                                                                                         Additional Topics

*NOTE* Additional topics in case class runs ahead of schedule

Description   Length   FROM TO
Inventory components   :05      
Practice makes perfect!   :05      
Servicing Loader   :10      
Servicing Dryer   :10      
Water troubleshooting   :10      
PID vs. Manual   :05      
Cleaning Nozzle tip   :10      
Barrel Temp Profiles   :20      



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2 day Class Cost: $3500, up to 6 people*

Class will be 2 full days taught at your facility, using your presses, materials, processes, etc. Weekends are fine, and encouraged! Company will be responsible for flight, hotel and rental car.

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OR, contact me at:


Phone: 404-793-9834



John Bozzelli:        Scientific Molding Founder/ Consultant

“Garrett and I go back to 1997 where he was trained in Scientific Molding procedures. Smart and talented, he has used this methodology and strategy to widen his knowledge base and grow in capabilities. His initiative is shown in starting up and his work at KI “Green Initiatives”. Currently we are working together to incorporate plastics in green technologies.”

LinkedIn: March 26, 2009

Norbert Sparrow, Editor-In-Chief, Plastics Today Magazine

“Garrett is the type of individual editors of business-to-business media are always looking for but rarely find: Someone with deep technical expertise who is able to write about a complex topic in a clear and engaging manner. He is a regular contributor to PlasticsToday and I always look forward to receiving his articles because I know that I will learn something new about plastics processing and that minimal editing will be required. His articles also are highly valued by our readers: They consistently receive blockbuster page views.”

LinkedIn, April 5, 2017

Matt Defosse:        Editor: Plastics Today magazine

“Garrett is an expert in multiple facets of plastics processing, and kindly offered to share his expertise in a series of articles for our audience. The mission of our web portal,, is to provide plastics processors with information they can use to run their companies more efficiently. With Garrett’s expert insight, I am sure we can meet that mission.”

LinkedIn: September 14, 2011

Mike Tolinski:        Editor: Plastics Engineering magazine

“Garrett’s website is a great training-focused online resource of the type the industry needs, especially at a time when it’s becoming harder to find trained plastics technicians” 

LinkedIn: November 22, 2011

Clare Goldsberry:    Senior Editor: Plastics News/ Plastics Today

“Garrett is a go-getter with lots of good ideas that he’s bringing to the plastics industry. His experience and expertise is providing him with the know-how to bring technology information to those in the industry with a “need to know”

Linked In: September 14, 2011

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