Garrett MacKenzie: Background

Garrett MacKenzie

6305 Ansley Circle Unit B

Lithia Springs, GA 30122

PHONE: 770-298-0821

Email: garre[email protected]


Equipment: Niigata, Van Dorn, UBE, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, HPM, Cincinnati Milacron, Nissei, Arburg, Husky, Reed, Stokes, BOY, FCS, Battenfeld 100 Ton to 3500 Ton presses (hydraulic/ electric/ gas assist/ two color/ dual screwmultishot); Whittmann, Fanuc, Sepro and Yushin Six-Axis Robots; mills; automation systems; gauging and fixtures, zero-operator robotics/ automation design and implementation; hoists; forklifts; magnetic-base drills; McBethSpectrometer; general and machinist hand tools; drill press; band saws; centerline grinders; inspection gauging and equipment, moisture analyzers, magnetic base hand drills

Materials: PC/ABS; Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon (up to 40% glass reinforced), Nylon(metal strand reinforced); Polystyrene; Acrylic; Polycarbonate; Acetal; Santoprene; PEEK, PolyVinylChloride (standard and Ridgid); BMC (thermoset); powder/ liquid/ pellet concentrates; other engineering grade materials

Robotics: Quick-connect chucks (ID and peripheral set up); nest design/ building/ implementation; troubleshooting; train programming/ troubleshooting basics; ladder logic: electrical/ hydraulic blueprints; EOAT design/ build/ implement; initial programming set up

Tooling: Family molds; hot runner; core(set/ pull/ thread); vaccum assist; pneumatic eject; thermoforming; Polished/ textured/ standard surfaces; core eject; cold runner; standard/ fan/subgated tooling; hot oil; two color; tear down/ clean/ reassembly; polishing; minor tool repair “on the fly”; troubleshoot tooling problems and suggest tooling modifications to improve productivity/ lower scrap rates

Qualification Highlights:

  • Over 30years experience in a multitude ofskillsets to include: engineering, supervision, moldmaker apprentice, maintenance, 4 years QS9000 quality auditing, shipping/ receiving and material handling.
  • Technical writer for Plastics Today / Plastics Technology Magazine(10 articles, access PT through link below)

  • Processing based on scientific molding principles as taught by JohnBozzelliand RJG-based decoupled molding applications
  • Ability to not only develop processes, but strong exposure to tooling and maintenance which allows me to troubleshoot many different types of production issues. I then help develop resolutions through machine, mold, material and labor modifications
  • Strong technical ability to monitor downtime, scrap, productivity and overall efficiencies and develop solutions for improvements based on scientific molding, automation, tooling modifications
  • Robotics: End of arm tooling design, construction, set up and programming; Training of Engineers and technical support staff





John Bozelli | Scientific Molding Theory and Application

Whittmann Robotics | Robot Maintenance Controller Set-up: Programming

Van Dorn Technical | Pathfinder 1000-5000 Controllers; Machine Maintenance and Operation

Cincinnati Milacron | Processing I (Extreme controllers), Processing II Process Optimization, and Roboshot Maintenance

Polymerland: Material Properties, Handling and Characteristics

Pinnacle Resource Group | Performance Supervision

Workman’s Compensation Board of Ohio | Accident Evaluation and Reporting

Kellogg Community College | Industrial Plastics


Work History:

Glock, INC.       Smyrna, Georgia      Production Supervisor- Molding          

Handgun Manufacturer-Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military

  • Process control: All processes (US side)
  • Troubleshoot presses/ processes/ robotics/ auxiliary equipment
  • Implemented training program: operators and technical support
  • Supervised up to 20 people
  • Interview/ Hire/ Terminate
  • Sampled new molds and materials
  • Process development


B & B Tool and Molding:               Muncie, Indiana –  Molding  Manager                      

Custom plastic injection operation: Automotive/ Military/Aerospace

  • Oversee all operators and technical support employees
  • Responsible for employee evaluations, discipline and termination
  • Order all parts/ components for molding operation
  • Originated molding regrind operation for direct-feed grinder/ loader
  • Full responsibilities for plant maintenance, Productivity, Efficiencies, Quality and Scrap
  • Sampling of new tools/ materials/ tooling modifications
  • Recommend tooling modifications to improve productivity/ scrap concerns
  • Whittmannrobotics set-up/ troubleshooting
  • Van Dorn NC-4 ,Pathfinder and EL SIEMENS controllers
  • Valve repair/ replacement
  • Screw repairs/ cleaning/ replacements


Johnson Controls: Kendallville, Indiana     Process/ Robotics Engineer 

In business over 125 Years; Tier-One automotive supplier (Big Three, Honda, Toyota, Nissan)

  • PPAP Process Development of new tooling for Automotive Industry
  • DOE’s of existing tooling for process optimization (scientific molding)
  • Development/ implementation of zero-operator work cells
  • Ergonomics analysis/ “wasted motion” improvements
  • Develop Tooling modifications for scrap reduction/ process optimization
  • Whittmannprogramming/ troubleshooting training (technical staff)
  • Seprorobotics programming/ troubleshooting
  • EOAT design and build/ set up and program
  • Development/ documentation of operator instructions/ requirements
  • Troubleshooting/Resolution/Optimization of production efficiencies/ downtime
  • Developed material handling training program designed to teach “NASCAR” style approach towards quick changeover
  • Made suggestions regarding capital equipment purchases (central feed system, 2 way radios)
  • Direct supervision/ training of technicians/ material handlers
  • Assisted in design/ development of 5S/ Kaizen projects


Stanley Electric, U.S.                                          Process/ Robotics Engineer 

2B in sales: Sister company- Honda (Honda headlight/ lighting systems)

  • Start up/ monitor /shut down Plastic injection and auxiliary equipment (Cincinnati Milacron andWhittmannrobots)
  • Adjust/ troubleshoot plastics machinery and auxiliary equipment
  • Train material handlers and set up crew in set up principles and efficiencies
  • Monitor cycle efficiencies/ down time/ scrap for potential optimizations
  • Set up/ program/ MonitorWhittmanrobotics equipment and fixture automations
  • Multi-color processing using twin screw plastic injection presses (two color taillight lenses)
  • Assisted in reducing metalized taillight department scrap rate to less than 2.5% through establishing decoupled processes







Summit Polymers:  Process/Robotics Engineer

Rubbermaid: Process Technician

Tom Smith Industries: Shift Process Education and Activity Director

Holland Plastics: Moldmaker Apprentice/ Maintenance

Clarion Technologies: Level 1-4 Technician, Supervisor

Bri-Sun Industries: Quality Auditor, Warehouse Coordinator



John Bozzelli:        Owner , Injection Molding Solutions – Scientific Molding Founder/ Consultant

“Garrett and I go back to 1997 where he was trained in Scientific Molding procedures. Smart and talented, he has used this methodology and strategy to widen his knowledge base and grow in capabilities. His initiative is shown in starting up and his work at KI “Green Initiatives”. Currently we are working together to incorporate plastics in green technologies.” LinkedIn: March 26, 2009

Matt Defosse:        Editor: Plastics Today magazine

“Garrett is an expert in multiple facets of plastics processing, and kindly offered to share his expertise in a series of articles for our audience. The mission of our web portal,, is to provide plastics processors with information they can use to run their companies more efficiently. With Garrett’s expert insight, I am sure we can meet that mission.” LinkedIn: September 14, 2011


Mike Tolinski:        Editor: Plastics Engineering magazine

“Garrett’s website is a great training-focused online resource of the type the industry needs, especially at a time when it’s becoming harder to find trained plastics technicians” LinkedIn: November 22,2011


Clare Goldsberry:    Senior Editor: Plastics News/ Plastics Today

“Garrett is a go-getter with lots of good ideas that he’s bringing to the plastics industry. His experience and expertise is providing him with the know-how to bring technology information to those in the industry with a “need to know”“ LinkedIn: September 14, 2011


Steve Kent                                    Chief Engineer: American Linen                                      727-365-4361

Ken Maggert                                Supervisor: Johnson Controls                                         260-667-4296

Bill Osborne                                 Engineer: Johnson Controls                                               260-413-0939

Steve Good                                   President: Tom Smith Industries                                     937-832-1555

Brian Bruno                                  Owner: Bri-Sun Industries                                                 269-698-0690

Jerry Reynolds                             Plant Manager: Laser Die                                                   269-698-0690

Brent Shepard                             Plant Manager: Holland Plastics                                        616-844-2505

Jamie Pugh                                  Sales Manager- Tom Smith

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