You Might Be a Redneck Molder if…


Hi All! Seems how it is  Friday, posting this because everyone needs a good laugh as they prep for the weekend! In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy, I thought it would be interesting to apply his “Redneck” philosophy to the many different redneck moves I have seen in the last 30 years. Hope you are ready.. because I am sure you old school molders will remember a few of these yourself. Feel free to add a few of your own. Enjoy!

———-You might be a redneck molder if:——————

  • You buy Duck tape by the case
  • You buy floor dry by the skid
  • Your approach to preventative maintenance is a fan leaning on a chair into an electrical cabinet
  • You consider mold release to be one of your best friends
  • You ask yourself, “how many molds will I need to strap to the back of the forklift to pick up this mold and set it in that press?”
  • You find yourself trying to put two grinders at the same press
  • As you set up a press, you find yourself wondering how many washers you will need on that bolt to keep the clamp from falling off
  • Your engineering approach for leaking presses is a 2 man crew with a 55 GL wet and dry vacuum to suck up the oil and filter it to put it back in the press
  • Your company hires 4 temporary employees to sort high-dollar poly carb out of the polypro
  • If you check material moisture by holding it in your hand, exclaiming “it feels dry”
  • If you mix Coca Cola and bleach into Polycarb to purge your press
  • If you use PAM for Mold Release, and Mother’s Mag and Aluminum polish to polish your tool
  • If you have your operators cleaning oil off of parts with gasoline from your lawn mower shed
  • If you find yourself using JB Weld frequently when repairing a mold
  • If the mouth to your grinder is on the second story of the building, and the drawer is on the first floor

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