Webinars Designed for Plastics Training

Are you interested in developing a training program that uses webinar-based training that specifically addresses weaknesses specific to your production team? Here is a sample webinar free to view. These webinars include a scheduled 30-45 minute Q and A session via Phone, Skype or email. All questions will be answered to assure training retention and team growth. Need help assessing their weaknesses? Plastic411 offers an assessment tool at the following link. After your processors take the test, we can schedule a conference call to determine which type of webinar training would best fit your company: Plastic411 Processor assessment test. CLICK HERE “I find Garrett’s Plastic411 webinars to be interesting and accurate. His blend of shop floor experience and scientific approach provides a good base to optimize the molding process.. I look forward to working with him again on our next project.”
Shaun Mollon, Plazology     –LinkedIn, August 6, 2017

UK’s Moldex 3D Certified ‘Expert’ Simulation Provider

Click HERE to view the Plazology website.. Plastic411 webinars generally run $200, with a 30 minute Q and A session included at no additional cost. Eliminating travel, lodging and in-house training can greatly reduce your training costs while multiplying the benefits through plant specific training modules! Each webinar includes:
  • Team assessment (Plastic411 Testing)
  • Conference call, developing webinar criteria
  • Management review/ approval of webinar content before presentation
  • Permanent access to private webinar link for reuse
  • 30-45 minute question/ answer session scheduled the day/ time after presentation
Have a specific process training webinar you would like us to design?? Fill in the form below and we will be happy to assist you!


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