Plastic Injection Press Service Technicians

Plastic411 now offers the services of some of the best field service techs in the U.S. All press brands are welcomed, and no job is too big or too small, We are fully insured, with 1M dollar Liability insurance.

Field service technician John Blagojevic disassembling, cleaning and inspecting a inkection manifold hydraulic valve
Field service technician John Blagojevic disassembling,, cleaning and inspecting a injection manifold hydraulic valve


Hydraulic Services & Repair ][ Mechanical Rebuilds

Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair ][ Preventative Maintenance

Press/ Process Validation ][ Controls Engineering

Screw/ Barrel replacements ][ Pump/ Motor replacement

Robotics Integration/ Installs ][ Cage & Safety Installs

Controls Upgrades ][ Hydraulic/ Servo retrofits

Rigging/ Press Installs ][ Automation Integration

John BlagojevicNational Service Mgr of Plastic411 Services,INC.

John is an experienced Maintenance Manager with 32 years of experience in completing various machine maintenance services and engineering projects. He has over 30 certifications, including Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Automation and ABB Expert training.

Skilled at handling emergency repairs, Johns experience includes troubleshooting mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

John is dept at providing technical equipment support and developing new processes through ongoing maintenance, defect resolution and enhancement solutions.

His knowledge of maintenance techniques, principles and procedures include:

  • Plastic Injection press installation troubleshooting & repair
  • Controls Engineering
  • PLC Programming
  • Robotics Integration. Specifically ABB
  • His experience also includes Hot stamping, Die Casting, Production CNC and Glass Blow moldng,

    John is well-versed in conducting or arranging worker training programs in safety, repair, and maintenance techniques, operational procedures, or equipment use.

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    Garrett Mackenzie, Owner Plastic411 reinstalling a valve on a plastic injection manifold block.
    Garrett Mackenzie, Owner Plastic411 reinstalling a valve on a plastic injection manifold block.

    Garrett MacKenzie; President- Plastic411 Services, INC.

    Qualification Highlights:

    Over 30 years of experience in a multitude of skill sets to include:  Process & Robotics Engineering/ Management, supervision, mold maker apprentice, press maintenance and material handling equipment.

    • Technical writer for Plastics Today and Plastics Technology Magazine (33 articles, most recent below, 2 webinars Plastics Today on Scientific Molding Principles/ Procedures)
    • Member of the Plastics Pioneers Association since October 2019. Membership requires a proven commitment to bettering the plastics industry through training and information. Sponsored by Clare Goldsberry and Matt Naitove.

    Equipment: Engel, Niigata, Van Dorn, UBE, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, HPM, Cincinnati Milacron, Nissei,  Arburg, Husky, Reed, Stokes, BOY, FCS, Battenfeld 100 Ton to 3500 Ton presses (hydraulic/ electric/ gas assist/ two color/ dual screw multi-shot); ABB, Wittmann, Fanuc, Sepro and Yushin Six-Axis Robots; mills; automation systems; gauging and fixtures, zero-operator robotics/ automation design and implementation; hoists; forklifts; magnetic-base drills; McBeth Spectrometer; general and machinist hand tools; drill press; band saws; centerline grinders; inspection gauging and equipment, moisture analyzers, magnetic base hand drills

    Materials: PC/ABS; Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon (up to 40% glass reinforced), Nylon(metal strand reinforced); Polystyrene; Acrylic; Polycarbonate; Acetyl; Santoprene; PEEK, Poly Vinyl Chloride (standard and Rigid); BMC (thermoset); powder/ liquid/ pellet concentrates; other engineering grade materials

    Robotics: Quick-connect chucks (ID and peripheral set up); nest design/ building/ implementation; troubleshooting; train programming/ troubleshooting basics; ladder logic: electrical/ hydraulic blueprints; EOAT design/ build/ implement; initial programming set up

    Tooling: Family molds; hot runner; core (hydraulics- set/ pull/ thread); vacuum assist; gas-assist, valve gates, pneumatic eject; thermoforming; Polished/ textured/ standard surfaces; core eject; cold runner; standard/ fan/sub-gated tooling; hot oil; two color; tear down/ clean/ reassembly; polishing; minor tool repair “on the fly”; troubleshoot tooling problems and suggest tooling modifications to improve productivity/ lower scrap rates

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