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Plastic411 Services, Inc. works with top experts in the industry to provide knowledgable training, press maintenance and repairs!


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Skill Set Gap Analysis Tool for Plastic Injection

Exclusive to Plastic411.. skill set gap analysis geared for plastic injection! This tool separates the technical job requirements of your employees into 7 skill set categories.

Those categories are then divided into 20-30 individual skills needed by employees(140 skills in all).

By understanding the true strengths/ weaknesses of your technical support teams, team training becomes easy! The video below explains how the tool works.


How 2K Tool in Grand Rapids, Michigan is helping to protect citizens, while helping save medical masks for health care workers…

These are trying times for many of us in manufacturing. With the Corona virus still rampant, many plants are being held under siege to protect their workers as directed by government stay-at-home directives. Many companies are suffering financially, while its employees are forced to stay home.

Kevin Smith recently had an idea as he sat in his living room watching the news. A request had been made for tool makers to develop tooling for facemasks, and Kevin seen it as an opportunity for his business to help. His own business had seen a drop in sales due to many of his customers being automotive suppliers. He finds himself blessed to have customers that are considered, “essentials”. His business is still in operation, while many operations are closed due to Michigan’s current “stay-at-home” Executive order.

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Plastic411 Plastic Injection Consultants

The Plastic411 Engineering network offers some of the top consultants in the industry. Our team has been hand picked for their skill sets and ability, and all have a minimum of 20 years in the plastics industry!

Plastic411 Consultants have a diverse background, with areas of expertise in:

  • Scientific & Decoupled Processing
  • Plant Layout
  • Machine Service and equipment installation
  • ERP Analysis and improvement
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Central Feed Installations
  • Smart Attend Monitoring Installation
  • Historical Data Development/ Implementation
  • Automation and robotics development
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Moldtrax Hot Runner Training

3-Day Hot Runner Event: August 20-22

Learn from 5 leading suppliers of Hot Runner Sys­tems at this unprecedented educational event. Registration is limited to only 20 seats, so don’t delay in holding your spot!

The event includes training developed by Husky, Synventive, MoldMasters, DME and others .. as well as 100 years collective experience being led by (yes, we are all getting old) Bill Hartwick, Rich Oles and Plastics Icon John Bozzelli… Click the link below the Moldtrax logo to review the event brochure..



1st Annual Plastic411 College Scholarship

AWARD AMOUNT: $1500 towards tuition for any Grand Rapids Community College or Ferris State University student who intends to make plastic injection their career.. Student submissions wiil be judged by Clare Goldsberry ( Plastics Hall of Fame), Norbert Sparrow ( Plastics Today), and members from Plastics Technology Magazine! Click the link below for details. Top 3 students have their article featured on!


Identifying and Correcting Splay Defects

Plastics processors are responsible for making process corrections when defects affect their scrap rate. One of the most common defects in plastic injection is splay. Splay adjustments can be a simple fix, or several hours of babysitting a press and head scratching. This article will help to identify various forms of splay, as well as common (and less common) causes. It will also provide various solutions for removing splay from your process….

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Scientific Troubleshooting in Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection Troubleshooting:

Using Scientific Molding Approach When Validated Processes Fail


Many companies apply scientific principles to their set up and validation of processes. After all, this methodology has proven its worth as a successful approach in process development. However, it is important to note that SM goes beyond set up. The true test of processors is how they evaluate change in validated processes that have already been proven. This article will define criteria that identify root causes for change and provide information and approaches to evaluate and correct changes that occur…

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