Plastic411 Tooling Network

Design and modify your tools using industry top tooling experts
  • Plastic411 Tooling experts will record individual GPM data for every mold you have designed or serviced
  • 2K Tooling is one of our primary Tooling consultant firms. Their specialties include 3D steel printing,Mold Flow analysis, CAD/CAM, tool repair, Mold Flow analysis, EDM, tool preventative maintenance.:
  • Top experts in Mold Flow will provide the necessary design/ review information for you to develop molds that perform well in scientific molding scenarios
  • Plastic411 has over 2000 professional molding contacts world wide.
  • Design standardization is key to your operation! Plastic411 can help you develop your tooling program with a focus on dummy-proof mold installations
  • Rich Oles is the lead Consultant over this category.
For information regarding the Plastic411 Tooling consultant program, contact Garrett MacKenzie at:
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