Plastic Melt Temperature Monitoring

Measure melt temperature from inside the nozzle through the ENTIRE injection profile

Melt Profiler™ VII System

Calculates key metrics that predict and document part quality

Matching known quality parts with their specific melt profile (i.e. curve) allows molders to use the Melt Profiler™ VII to predict and document part quality. The most unique and exciting characteristic of the Melt Profiler™ VII system is the Power Factor (Pf). This metric gives molders the ability to clearly see very small changes in part weight.

The Melt Profiler™ VII system can be used with up to seven Temp-Sense™ sensors. It measures melt temperature 157 times per second and utilizes that data to calculate three key metrics during each shot. These metrics are the Maximum Temperature (Te), the Viscosity Rise Integral (Vr) and the Power Factor (Pf), as illustrated below:

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