Tederic Plastic injection machinery: Sales & Service

Plastic411 is pleased to announce our partnership with Tederic- North America as a machine Sales & Service provider!

Tederic machines are well-engineered, capable of standard injection, as well as rotary platen and multi-color capabilities. This Chinese press is robust, with a proven history of low maintenance requirements at an outstanding value.. costing well below other Chinese machine manufacturers.

Tederic machines offer great versatility! Standard hydraulic, Hybrid and Full Servo machines are available.

Tederic is well-versed in medical and lens manufacturing. Whatever your product line might be, Tederic can help you to customize your press for the application you are buying the press for.


Customers who purchase Tederic machinery from Plastic411 receive a 10% Discount! But our commitment to our customers goes even further. We will oversee the press install for you, and perform our 35-Point Press & Process Validation to assure that the press will be ready to provide you many years of service at no extra cost.

Need a quote? Call our office at 616-551-1055 or fill in the form below and we will be happy to assist you.

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