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Plastic411 has offered Plastic injection process training since 2017. I am Garrett MacKenzie, and I have developed over 100 Process Engineers, Maintenance Service Technicians, Process Technicians, Set-Up personnel and material handling crews for 30+ years now.

I have worked for some of the top companies in our industry. The original process training program was developed by me for Glock in Smyrna, GA. I was in charge of Process Control for their company when the training program was developed for the Austrian hand gun manufacturer. Glock provides over 65% of all handguns to U.S. law enforcement, as well as multiple military operations worldwide. Glock required over 30 critical tolerances in thier handgun manufacturing facility, with tolerances as tight as +/- 20 Microns above and below spec. I was the first person to mold the G17 Gen 5 frame in the U.S. plant.

Other World Class companies I have worked or trained at include: International Automotive Components, Yan Feng, Rubbermaid, Stanley Electric (Honda), FlexNGate-Ventra, MTD, Summit Polymers and many others.

In addition, I am a staff writer for Plastics Today on the topic of plastic injection processing. I have written over 70+ articles for: Plastics Today, Plastics Technology, Mold Making Technology and Canadian Plastics.

All classes are unique to the in-plant program I develop with the help of company managers and people who go through the 3 day training courses, Class content and timelines are developed based on the Plastic411 test results. Plastic411 is #1 on Google for “Plastic Injection Test”.

3-Day classes start at $4800 plus travel. Long-term training is also available at a reduced rate of $100 per hour + travel, 2 week minimum. Class sizes are limited to 4 people per class to assure controller time and class participation will be a high quality training event. Exit scores on the tests normally range 88% and higher. Class survey scores range at 4.8 out of a possible 5.0 rating.

I can provide you with a long list of references regarding my training expertise. I make sure that 80% of all training events take place on the floor press side. In a typical 3 day class, only 4 hours of training is classroom-based. The rest takes place at the press, using your material, molds and processes. Feel free to view testimonials on the training website:

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