NASCAR vs. Plastic Injection: Fast Mold Change Workshops

What NASCAR pit crews can teach mold set-up teams

The efficiency of mold changes, a common task in many custom injection molding shops, is a key factor in determining how much machine time is available. Poor performance in changeover times and approach can make or break a company with a lean manufacturing ideology. Efficiency, consistency and speed are three primary focuses in a lean-minded shop.
This 2 day training program teaches how  principles of NASCAR race teams can be implemented into a molding shop’s mentality to drastically reduce changeover times and the downtime associated with mold changes.

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  • How to use time study to effectively reduce part-to-part change times to a consistent 30-60 minute change over time, depending on press size
  • Methods for reducing waste of motion to drastically reduce mold change times, and improve change time consistency
  • The effects of planning/ preparation, step-by-step implementation and release of final set to technician
  • The difference between planned and unplanned change overs
  • Key principles of mold change as they relate to material, tooling, temperature profiles and start up
  • Key planning measurements, such as mold temp, barrel temp, hoist placement, tool removal, and pre-staging mold change components/ auxiliary equipment/ packaging/ etc to optimize part-to part time

Lean approaches in plastics injection molding are a vital requirement to the success of any molding operation. Efficient molders can cut their costs and consistently undercut the quotes of their competition. Companies that successfully implement “lean” into their operation do so through:

  • Fast and consistent changeovers
  • Production runs with minimal start-up scrap and minimal-to-no scrap during the run
  • Ongoing continuous improvement projects aimed at all facets of the molding operation
  • Standardization of mechanical components and procedures
  • Development of strategic, consistent approaches that streamline the overall time and consistency of downtime as it relates to the time associated with the end of a job, mold changeover and the transition into a new job start up.

2 day work shops start at $3500, up to 6 people.

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