CORE Processor Training System

OWNER FEEDBACK:   “I believe the training you conducted is absolutely essential to our improvement on the manufacturing floor.”                                                              Doug Callahan- Owner MMI-ES “Garrett is very good at teaching people how to solve real world scenarios that happen every day on the production floor. I would recommend Garrett for training in your facility”. Rodney Davenport- President CH3 Solutions STUDENT FEEDBACK: “Garrett was very knowledgeable, and helpful with questions…” John A. , CH3 Solutions “I would love to have you come back to do more training!” “The hands-on portions were great! The pre-stage training is helpful in set ups” Kristen R., MMI Engineered Solutions Samuel S, CH3 Solutions “Instructor was very thorough in the delivery of his training. I would very much recommend!” Micheal H., CH3 Solutions “Instructor was very knowledgeable, and the hands-on training was very helpful” Darryl B., MMI Engineered Solutions “Class was timed well, and the processor training was a success! Instructor was thorough and ‘easily understood’. “ Timothy M., North Georgia Molding “Great on-the-floor training! Much more beneficial than ‘class room’ training… I would highly recommend.” Chris S., MMI Engineered Solutions

The plastic411 CORE Processor training system is an in-plant training program that first identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your team,, and then develops in-house training at your plant using your presses and equipment!

This is NOT class room training that is quickly lost with very little retention due to the generic content of many programs that often are not providing information that applies to your plant!
  • PROCESSING I (includes scientific molding intro)
  • Scientific Molding 
Plastic411 2 day training programs cost considerably lower than most major training companies.. but content is primarily the same. The primary difference?  The training is developed to be company specific. Very little class time.. on your floor, using your plant’s equipment, materials and processes. 2 day courses that you and I develop together. The purpose of the training is simple.. to build core skill sets that apply directly to specific company needs and weaknesses. I developed the program based on the common complaint that current platforms have become universal. Much of the information taught isn’t retained because content doesn’t pertain to plant specifics, which makes it difficult to apply in a molder’s own specific environment. Training Availability: Continental US. COST: $3500 per 2 day event, up to 5 processors. Travel/ lodging is an additional cost to be considered. 1 year commitments available at $800.00 per day, 2 day minimum per month for 12 months. Travel/ Lodging an additional cost. 6 month commitments are $900 per day, 2 day minimum per month for 6 months. Travel/ Lodging will be an additional cost. Here is the outline for the initial CORE Processing program: The CORE Processor Training system is designed to supersede the old fashioned, “this training fits all” method with custom-tailored training that is specific to your molding teams specific strengths/ weaknesses, as well as each specific plant’s design/ procedures / ideologies. This is accomplished through the CORE Training system: Consultation: Processors take a processor assessment to determine their skill set level. They are also asked to participate in testing that through a specific set of questions, helps to determine training needs. In addition, the plant manager is asked to give his own personal assessment, as well as answer a series of questions that identifies what equipment/ approaches/ procedures that need to be addressed to assure that the training is company-focused. Need in-plant process training? Fill in the form below and we will be happy to assist you!

Orientation-Training direction is defined based on the data collected by myself and the participating company. Training objectives and depth are defined, such as: Standardized set up, Quick change over (NASCAR), controller training, process set up, process development, process control, Process recording & monitoring, Scientific based protocols and procedures. In addition, a free consultation is offered during the training to assess company needs and direction. Reinforce– Once the assessments are complete, a training plan is developed and implemented. The training is a 2 day production floor intensive class that teaches the core values that each team has been assessed for. Training is 75% press side with in-house equipment to instill real world, on the job processor training. Classroom training is only 25% of the overall training session. Evolve: 30 days after the class, a follow up conference call is offered. During this call, growth within the team is evaluated, and advice is given to help the teams skill set to keep evolving. A free comprehensive data sheet is supplied. [rainmaker_form id="1034"] Training Area: Continental US. PROCESSING I . Currently operating the business out of the mid west (Michigan), but I also operate from my residency out of Florida. 6 month rotation. This training is for entry to mid-level processors. Content is developed based on the specific skills of your processing team, based on strengths and weaknesses. [rainmaker_form id="1034"] Plastic411 LLC also offers Scientific Molding Workshops In-Plant: Who Should attend: Molding Managers, Process Engineers, Quality Engineers, Process Technicians, anyone who needs an understanding of scientific molding and lean manufacturing concepts as they relate to the plastics industry Prerequisite: Basic understanding of plastic materials, tooling and processing techniques (Processing I attendance reccommended as a prerequisite) Attendees will receive instruction in the following scientific molding principles:
  • Process development: Participants will learn what steps must be taken during the process development stage
  • Controller Set up: Full outline of all controller functions and parameter requirements
  • Process recording: Capturing all scientific data specific to a process, including melt and mold temperature and turbulent flow
  • Process monitoring and control: Flexible and rigid process control limits. Attendees will learn about historical molding data and making comparisons to current running condition
  • Historical data: Collection and use in troubleshooting applications
  • Standardization: Situations that adversely affect process standardization and what tools are available to improve and verify process consistency
  • Design optimization experiments (DOE): Designing and implementing DOE experiments to improve process and production system performance
  • Process optimization: Applying techniques that improve cycle times without jeopardizing process consistency and scrap rates
  • Scientific Studies: Exploring fill time, gate seal, back pressure, pressure drop, cavity balance, melt and mold temperature, cavity pressure, viscosity and more.
Need in-plant process training? Fill in the form below and we will be happy to assist you!


Plastic Injection Service and Training

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