Skill sets for plastiv injection workers can be analyzed using this tool!

1st Annual Plastic411 College Scholarship

Students participating in the Plastic411 Training Course…

AVAILABILITY: ANY college student pursuing a plastics engineering degree in the continental US. Course of study must be plastic injection-based.

REQUIREMENTS: Students must write an article or essay no less than 500 words. The top 3 candidates will have their work featured on the Plastic411 website. Your article will be judged by several people at the top of the plastic injection industry!

TOPIC: Article content should be regarding the 5 M’s of Molding.. Man(Labor), Mold, Material, Machine or Method (Process). The content can be based on one, several or all of the 5 M’s.

JUDGES: The event is being judged by the following:

  • Clare Goldsberry: Hall of Fame, former Editor Plastics Today/ Plastics News
  • Norbert Sparrow: Editor Plastics Today
  • Tony Deligio & Staff: Plastics Technology
  • Christina Fuges: Editor Mold Making Technology Magazine

AWARD: 1st Place student will receive $1500.00 to apply towards their tuition. Top 3 students will have their articles featured on the Plastic411 website or others.

Student entries are due on November 15, 2019. Winners will receive their check for 2nd term tuition/ books use. If you have any questions, contact me at: [email protected]

Plastic Injection Service and Training

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