Scientific Molding Work Shop: Dalton, GA February 24-25, 2018

Plastic411 Scientific Molding Work Shop

This page outlines the upcoming Scientific Molding workshop being held February 24-25, 2018  at CH3 Solutions (event sponsor) in Dalton, GA . The event is 2 full days, from 8AM to 4PM.

This is NOT class room training! Both days of training take place directly on the machine:

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  • Process Development: Participants will be trained how to establish a new process using decoupled molding technique
  • Process Recording: Attendees will be shown how to record all scientific data that is specific to a process. This includes melt and mold temperature data, as well as turbulent flow-specific data
  • Process Monitoring & Control- Instruction will be given regarding monitoring and process control. Participants will learn what process control limits are flexible, and which need to be rigid to maintain the rigidity of the process
  • Standardization– Attendees will learn what situations adversely affect process standardization, and be given tools to improve consistency and verify process consistency.
  • Design Optimization Experiments–  Processors will learn to design and implement DOE experiments to improve process and production system performance
  • Process Optimization– Attendees will be taught optimization techniques that improve cycle times without jeopardizing process consistency and scrap rates.
  • Scientific Studies–  Procedures for fill time, gate seal, back pressure, pressure drop, cavity balance, melt temperature, mold temberature, barrel temperature and cavity pressure measurement will be taught.
  • Lean Manufacturing Tools- Participants will be given tools to improve the lean approach within their production systems. Tools such as the 5 M’s of Molding, 5 Why’s and 7 Deadly Wastes will be taught.
  • NASCAR vs. Quick Change Over– Processors will learn how to use the lessons of a NASCAR pit crew to effectively minimize down time, while effectively increasing changeover consistencies to improve start up capabilities.

Click HERE to review the time line and activities for this event..

Cost for the event is $885 per person. SPE and MAPP members receive a 15% discount. There is a maximum of 10 attendees for this training event, but future events will be scheduled as classes fill up.

Corporate rate for lodging (Hilton-Garden Inn in Dalton- click HERE)  is $92.97 per night plus tax, only minutes from the plant. It is recommended you fly into Chattanooga International Airport, which is a 30 minute drive to the plant.



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