CORE Processor Training System

CORE Processor Training System

GARRETT MACKENZIE: Process Training Specialist

Background: 30 years in plastic injection, 22 years processing with 20 years experience as scientific molder. Technical writer for Plastics Today, Plastics Technology with 26 articles written on scientific molding, process development  and lean manufacturing. Both U.S. and Japanese molding systems, to include: Stanley Electric (Honda), Rubbermaid, Johnson Controls and currently in charge of  processing for major handgun manufacturer (Company requires non-disclosure).

I am now offering a training program that is specifically designed to address each company’s training needs individually. The CORE program is intended to enforce and compliment the standard training programs available for decoupled and scientific molding.

CORE builds the talents within your processing team by identifying, addressing and removing specific weaknesses through training, development and equipment. The system has a unique set of tools not found in any other program that will identify plant-specific weaknesses within your team and facility. This will help to  eliminate many  issues that molding facilities struggle to overcome, as well as promote positive direction towards building a world-class molding skillset and strategy.
CORE will enforce and compliment the standard training programs available for decoupled and scientific molding.while developing CORE talents within the processing team of our customers. Specific weaknesses will be identified using CORE  identification tools. CORE training will remove these issues through training, team development and equipment modification. CORE will take pride in its commitment to each customer company as its own entity, with its own unique set of circumstances and systems.

Training Area: GA, SC, NC, AL, FL . Other areas may be considered by availability and rates

Old fashioned, “one training program fits all” are not as effective without training that takes place “Where The Plastic Meets the Mold”..  directly at the press and on the shop floor! The CORE Processor Training System is a custom-tailored approach that is developed to directly identify your molding teams specific strengths/ weaknesses. CORE also analyzes each specific plant’s design/ procedures / ideologies to identify and address areas that offer the potential of  continuous improvement and optimization.

Here is how the CORE system works:

Consultation: Processors take a processor assessment to determine their skillset level. They are also asked to fill out a questionaire that through a specific set of questions, helps to determine training needs. In addition, the plant manager is asked to give his own personal assessment, as well as answer a series of questions that identifies what equipment/ approaches/ procedures that need to be addressed to assure that the training is company-focused.
Orientation Training direction is defined based on the data collected by myself and the participating company. Training objectives and depth are defined, such as: Standardized set up, Quick change over (NASCAR), controller training, process set up, process development, process control, Process recording & monitoring, Scientific based protocols and procedures. In addition, a free consultation is offered during the training to assess company needs and direction.
Reinforce Once the assessments are complete, a training plan is developed and implemented. The training is a 2 day production floor intensive class that teaches the core values that each team has been assesed for. Training is 75% press side with in-house equipment to instill real world, on the job processor training. Classroom training is only 25% of the overall training session.
Evolve 30 days after the class, a follow up conference call will take place. During this call, growth within the team is evaluated, and advice is given to help the teams skillset to keep evolving. Follow up training and consultation is available.

A free comprehensive data sheet is supplied, and process recording and monitoring protocols will be taught extensively.

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