2019 Processor Training Schedule

Here is the 2019 training schedule and course outlines for Plastic411 Training, LLC.

Classes available are Processing I, Scientific Molding and Fast Mold Change. I am limiting the training area to Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin unless you have a class size minimum of 5 people.

I will add the free Plastics Today webinars to this as they become available….

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Classes start at $60.00 hour, 2 day minimum depending on class size and travel/ lodging. There are other training options available including monthly training upon request. For more training info, click the links below:

Processing I link:

The plastic411 CORE Processor training system is an in-plant training program that first identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your team,, and then develops in-house training at your plant using your presses and equipment!

This is NOT class room training that is quickly lost with very little retention due to the generic content of many programs that often are not providing information that applies to your plant!

The primary difference? The training is developed to be company specific. Very little class time.. on your floor, using your plant’s equipment, materials and processes. 2 day courses that your facility and myself develop together….

Processor Training Info: CLICK HERE

Scientific Molding Link:

Plastic411 Scientific Molding Workshops

What NASCAR pit crews can teach mold set-up teams

The efficiency of mold changes, a common task in many custom injection molding shops, is a key factor in determining how much machine time is available. Poor performance in changeover times and approach can make or break a company with a lean manufacturing ideology. Efficiency, consistency and speed are three primary focuses in a lean-minded shop.
This 2 day training program teaches how  principles of NASCAR race teams can be implemented into a molding shop’s mentality to drastically reduce changeover times and the downtime associated with mold changes.

Click HERE for Fast Mold change workshop information…

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